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  Child Watch    
The YMCA provides drop-in childcare for children within the ages of six weeks to six years. Parents must remain on the YMCA campus while their children are in the child watch play room. We ask that you provide your own bottles and diapers.
  Hours: Monday – Friday 8 a.m.–10:30 a.m.  
  Monday - Friday 5:00p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
  Fee: $1.50 / child, per visit
  $15 for a punch card (10 visits)
Participant $3.00/child per visit

Y Club After School Program:Kindergarten-5th Grade

Where are your children after school? The YMCA offers a great After School Program that provides a fun and safe environment for your children. This structured program last from dismissal to 6 PM on all days in which the Kirksville School District is in session. Children will be separated according to school enrollments. Financial aid is available for members. Pre-registration is required prior to start of the program.

Download the Parent Handbook

Member: $30/month 



The YMCA is dedicated to providing a quality tumbling program where new tumblers learn the basics and experienced tumblers improve their skills. We will hold 2 six week sessions. All classes are limited so sign up early!

Session 1-Program Starts Monday, January 12th
Session 2-Program Starts Monday, March 16th
Fee: Member $17

Participant $75

Tumble Tots Monday at 4:320 pm
Tumble Teenies Monday at 5:30 pm
Tumble Teenies Thursday at 3:30 pm
Level 1 Wednesday at 4:30 pm
Level 1 Thursday at 4:30 pm
Level 2 Thursday at 5:30 pm
Level 3/4 Thursday at 6:30 pm
Levels Descriptions:
Tumble Tots: An introductory tumbling class for two-year olds.
Tumble Teenies:  There is no prior experience or skill level required for this class as it is a complete learning environment. Teenies will be introduced to body positions, balance, rolling and more! An experience class for preschoolers to explore the world of movement in a fun and safe environment. Ages 3-5

Level 1: Level 1 students do not have a skill list of prerequisites. Tumblers will be expected to be able to listen and follow directions. In level 1, a tumbler will build the foundation for their gymnastics career with an introduction to basic skills such as rolls, cartwheels and handstands.

Level 2: Level 2 is a technique-geared class. This class is designed to help students’ complete basic skills with correct form and without help from the teacher. Tumblers in this class should have completed forward and backward roles, an attempt at a cartwheel and a handstand before entering class. In addition to perfecting technique, tumblers will be introduced to new body positions such as bridges and hollows.

Level 3/4: Level 3/4 is our collective tumbling class. Tumblers in this class will learn tumbling skills that will allow them to flip continually down a mat. A beginning level 3 Tumbler should have mastered a correct form cartwheel and handstand as well as a straight-arm bridge.

Basketball K-4th GRADE:
Come enjoy youth basketball! Each team will practice once during the week at the coach’s discretion. Players will be divided based on grade. This season will last for six weeks.

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, December 10th

Coach's Meeting: Thursday, December 18th 6:30 pm

Meet The Coach Night-Thursday, December 18th 7 pm

Program Start Date:  Monday, January 12th, 2015
Game Days: Saturdays
Fee: Member $17
Participant: $75
[Download a registration form]

Spring Soccer

It’s time for spring soccer once again! Players will be divided based on grade. Each team will practice once during the week at the coach’s discretion. This season will last for six weeks. Must be 4 years old by program start date.

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, February 25th  

Coach's Meeting: Thursday, March 5th 6:30 pm
Meet The Coach Night-Thursday, March 5th 7:00 pm
Program Start Date: Monday, March 16th
Game Days: Saturdays
Ages Pre-K (age 4)-8th Grade
Fee: Member $17
Participant: $75
[Download a Registration Form]

First Kicks
Learn the basics of soccer from basic dribbling to goal keeping. Your first timers will leave feeling like all-stars! We will hold 2 five week sessions. Pre-Registration is required.
WHEN: Mondays & Tuesdays
Session 1: January 12th-February 13th
Session 2: March 16th-April 17th
TIME: 5-5:45 pm
WHERE: Adair County Family YMCA
AGES:3-5 years old
Fee: Member $25 per session
Participant: $50 per session

Private/Semi-Private Lessons

Private/Semi Private lessons are available for members by appointment only. Lessons are available for the following: Tumbling, Soccer, Basketball, and Football. Minimum age is four years old.

Private One-Hour Lesson Fee:

1 Session: $22
5 sessions: $90
Semi-Private One Hour Lesson Fee:
$15 per session per student
(min. of 2 participants & max. of 4)

Stay & Play Camp

This is a fun and productive way to spend your day off from school. Join us at the Y for a day of games, crafts and more! Please wear tennis shoes and bring a sack lunch; the Y will provide a snack at 3:00 PM. Registration is required and all forms need to be submitted before camp starts. If you are currently enrolled in Y Club you can register and pay without filling out any additional paperwork. Space is limited; please sign up soon!

DATES: January 2nd, January 19th, February 13th, February 16th, April 3rd, April 6th.

TIME:8 am-5 pm
WHERE: Adair County Family YMCA
Ages: Kindergarten-6th Grade
Fee: Members: $15
Participant: $20
[Download a Registration Form]

Parent & Child Gooey Art

All those fun projects to do with your child – THAT YOU WOULD NEVER DO AT HOME! You and your child will spend time creating goop, body painting, clay dough and lots of other very messy art projects. The best part – you and your child are together! Please dress for the mess! Pre-registration is required.

WHEN: Mondays

DATES: February 2nd-February 23rd
TIME:5:30 pm-6:15 pm
WHERE: Adair County Family YMCA
Ages: 2 years-6 years old
Fee: Members-$14/per Child & Parent
$4 each extra child
Participants: $28/per Child & Parent
$8 each extra child

Girls Run Now
Come join the Y's first girls only running club. Whether you can run for 5 miles or for 5 minutes the Girls Run Kirksville is right for you! This is a club that can lay the foundation for long distance running or can continue to build off of previous experience. Club members will be guided through important topics needed for every young athlete to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. You will be lead through a warm up, workout, cool down, and then end with a discussion. Please bring a water bottle and tennis shoes. Pre-Registration is required.

DAYS: Tuesdays & Thursdays

DATES: February 24th-April 23rd

TIME: 5:30 pm-6:30 pm

WHERE: Adair County Family YMCA
AGES: 11 years & Up
FEE Per Session:  Members-$30

Tot Time

Where children and parents can play, make friends and enjoy quality time together!

When: Thursdays           

Time: 9:30 am-11 am
Where-Adair County Family YMCA
Ages: Newborn to 5 years old
Fee: Members-Free

Spring Break Camp

What a fun and exciting way to spring your week off school! We will enjoy a week of camp where we play and craft! Please wear tennis shoes and bring a sack lunch; the Y will provide a snack at 3:00 PM. Pre-Registration is required and all forms need to be submitted before camp starts. If you are currently enrolled in Y Club you can register and pay without filling out any additional paperwork. Space is limited.

DATES: March 10th-March 14th

TIME: 8am-5pm

WHERE: Adair County Family YMCA

AGES: Kindergarten-6th Grade
FEE: Members-$75

Healthy Kids Day

Join us for this annual event as kids learn to be active year round. Various organizations and businesses will interact with activities using both mind and body.

WHEN: Saturday, April 25th

TIME:10:00 am-1 pm
WHERE: Adair County Family YMCA
Ages: All ages welcome!
Fee: Free to everyone!


Summer Day Camp, Enrichment Camps and Swimming Lesson information will be available on Monday, April 6th

Registration Starts:

Member-Monday, April 27th, 2015

Participant-Monday, May 4th, 2015


Age Requirements

Participants must be the age required for the program by the first day of the session or the first practice. Children must be in kindergarten to come to the YMCA after school program. To participate in regular group aerobics, children must be at least 13 years old and accompanied by an adult.

Weight Room:

Children are not allowed in the fitness area upstairs unless they are 14 years of age and have completed an orientation with a YMCA Staff member. A child must be 12 years old to be at the YMCA without an adult.

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